Free airport shuttles

By tram

Due to the health crisis, Terminal 1 and car parks P2, P3, P4 and G1 are closed.
Get to Terminal 2.

Tramway aéroport de Nice

Shuttle car parks

A FREE and fully electric shuttle connects Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to the car parks that are further away (P4, P6, P8 or P9).

Every 15 minutes, from 4:30 AM to the last flight (max 1:30 AM)

Average time to walk to Terminal 1 from:

  • P3: 1 min.
  • P8: 5 min.

Average time to walk to Terminal 2 from:

  • P5: 5 min.
  • P6: 5 min.
  • P9: 8min.
  • G2: 3 min.

P8 - Pedestrian route + tram transport

Navettes bus aeroport