Travel documents & formalities

Check your documents before flying

We advise our travellers to check which documents (national identity card, passport, visa, authorisation application etc.) and what formalities are required to enter and stay in your country of destination with the embassy and consulate of this country in France.  

Without these documents, you may be denied boarding.

Attention: for minors going to destinations in Canada or the United States of America, be aware that new regulations have been in place since 2017 (see below).

Identity Card

A valid identity card allows you to travel to EU countries and Switzerland.


A valid passport is necessary to travel to other destinations
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival or departure from the following countries: Brazil, China, Egypt, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


Outside of the EU, most countries require a visa as well as your passport.
Find out more from your travel agent, airline or consulate of your country of destination.

Other formalities

For more information on the formalities required to enter your country of destination or more correspondence, please consult the website of your consulate or the France Diplomatie website

2017 Developments 

Minors, please plan authorisation for leaving the country
Since 15th January 2017, a minor who lives in France and is travelling abroad alone or unaccompanied by one of his/her parents, must be in possession of an exit permit. It is a form to be completed and signed by a parent (or legal guardian). The form should be accompanied with a photocopy of the parent’s proof of identity. For more information, consult the government website.

Passengers travelling to Canada

If you are taking a flight to a destination in Canada, you must complete an application for electronic travel authorisation on the  Government of Canada website. It is recommended that you complete this application at least 72hrs before your flight. 

Travellers going to the United States of America

If you are taking a flight to the United States of America, you should complete an ESTA authorisation application at least 72hrs in advance , have a return plane ticket (proving your departure from US territory), plan a stay of a maximum of 90 days and present proof of solvency (a credit card, travellers cheques, etc.).