Aviophobia course and flight simulations

AviaSim and the airport offer flight simulations to manage your fear of flying or enjoy a unique experience

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Aviophobia course to overcome your fear of flying

Are you stressed by the idea of ​​flying to a business meeting or holiday? This is normal because being suspended 10 km above ground is not easily understood or reassuring, on the surface!

With the AviaSim fear control course, your fear of flying is no longer inevitable.  
With AviaSim, you can overcome your fear of flying, through a tried and tested method, and face to face sessions. 
No group sessions, we only establish an individual programme modelled to your profile and expectations.

Enjoy the AviaSim flight simulator experience! 

A new generation centre equipped with the latest commercial aircraft simulators. Facing the sea and the runway at Nice Airport, this new recreation centre is unique on the French Riviera!

No need to have aviation knowledge. Enthusiasts and beginners can take the controls on AviaSim's commercial aircraft flight simulators!

With AviaSim, take the controls of the latest commercial aircraft for an incredible experience. 
The experience, accessible to all, will allow you to take off from the world's most famous airports and land on the most dangerous runways such as the famous Kai Tak approach in Hong Kong.

Prices and details of AviaSim deals


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    • 3 sessions to conquer any fear of flying:
    • Theoretical discussion
    • Simulation sessions
    • Debriefing

    Customized service, secured payment, boarding pass sent within 24 hours

    In 3 sessions with your instructor, you will be able to control your stress better during your air travel. 

    These sessions are personal and will be with an instructor who will follow you during your course.

    Content: 3 personal sessions

    AviaSim et l'aéroport vous proposent de gérer votre peur de l'avion

  • SIMULATOR - Discovery pass €99

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    • 40-minute flight
    • 20-minute briefing and debriefing
    • commercial aircraft simulator

    With the Discovery Pack, you will discover a city and enjoy a sublime landscape. What better than a flight over the Alps at sunset? 
    Let yourself be guided by your instructor, you will discover the pleasure of flying. Finish the flight by making a perfect landing with the help of your instructor.

    AviaSim et l'aéroport vous proposent des simulations de vols pour vivre une expérience unique

  • SIMULATOR - Duo pack €159

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    • 50-minute flight
    • 20-minute briefing and debriefing
    • commercial aircraft simulator
    • 2 pilots

    Whether you are a father and son, friends, colleagues, discover the sensations of a commercial aircraft pilot duo. Take turns to take the controls of the aircraft under the guidance of your instructor. 

  • SIMULATOR - Sensation pack €179

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    • 70-minute flight
    • 20-minute briefing and debriefing
    • commercial aircraft simulator

    Whether it's your first flight as a captain, or whether you already have experience, the Sensations Pack allows you to take full advantage of the simulator and enjoy navigating the airports of your choice.  Why not start the flight with a landing exercise on the beautiful island of St Martin in the West Indies and then challenge yourself to the impressive Kai Tak airport? Sensations guaranteed.

    Flight time: 70 min + 20 min briefing and debriefing

  • SIMULATOR - Expert pack €249

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    • 120-minute flight
    • 20-minute briefing and debriefing
    • commercial aircraft simulator

    The Expert Pack allows you to enjoy the most complete experience with the commercial aircraft simulator.  You're the CAPTAIN, you choose the programme in the company of your instructor.
    Suggestions: Start with a flight between two airports like real crews and take up the challenges offered by your instructor such as landing with a failed engine, or in fog. The challenge has no limit!

    Flight time: 120 min + 20 min briefing and debriefing

  • SIMULATOR - Cadet pack €590

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    This course is run by an airline pilot and takes place in 4 sessions of 2 to 3 hours.

    A diploma will be issued at the end of this course! 

    This course may be taken alone or in pairs. With this course, you will learn the basics of flying and perform a flight in real conditions. 4 sessions of 2 to 3 hours, 5 hours flying in a commercial aircraft simulator.



The anti-stress courses and simulations are conducted at AviaSim Nice at Cagnes sur Mer.

Address: 3 promenade de la plage - 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer  
Tel:  04 93 08 99 50