Recharge your Phone

In an age of electronic boarding passes and selfies...

Whether for work, making a phone call or sharing that last selfie before the flight, demands on the batteries of your electronic devices are particularly high at the airport

For this reason, Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is providing freely accessible power sockets and battery dispensers so that you can stay connected!

Freely accessible power sockets and USB connectors 

Prise de courant / Ports USB
  • In all new food and drink areas
  • On JCDecaux advertising screen columns
  • In specific areas in boarding lounges
  • In all our VIP lounges
  • In shuttle buses


Mobile battery hire

Mobile battery dispensers have been installed for any passengers wishing to recharge their tablets or smartphones.

Distributeurs de chargeurs
  • Three dispensers are located in Terminal 1 (one in Arrivals, two in boarding lounges)
  • Three dispensers are located in Terminal 2 (one in Arrivals, two in boarding lounges)
  • The charger may be hired or purchased as the passenger requires.
100 % attractive, 0% emissive
  • Zero grams of emissions in just 10 years
  • France’s first carbon-neutral airports
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