Travelling with a pet

Flying with a pet

If you have decided to fly with a pet, your trip should be prepared carefully. Here are a few tips to enable them to travel in the best conditions.

The airline must be notified of the animal

Voyager avec son animal

While booking your trip, or purchasing your ticket, remember to notify your airline or travel agency that you will be travelling with your pet. Some airlines limit the number of animals admitted on a flight. We therefore advise you to book your ticket as soon as possible.

Remind your airline at least 72 hours before the flight to confirm the presence of your pet.

The animal’s health certificate must be up to date, do not forget to take it with you. If the animal is particularly fearful, nervous or susceptible to motion sickness, see a veterinarian who can prescribe a suitable sedative, if necessary.

The animal must never be left at liberty and must be tethered as a minimum until checked. It is strongly recommended to place the animal in a basket. 

Will your pet be travelling in the cabin?

Some airlines do not accept any animals in the cabin. 

They may however, be permitted on an exceptional basis, to be carried in the assistance dog cabin (guide dogs for people suffering from a physical or sensory disability). It should be noted that since 26 July 2008, assistance dogs must be accepted in the cabin when departing from European Union airports and departing from a non-member country to a destination within the EU, provided that it is a community air carrier.

Only small animals are permitted in the cabin. However, the maximum weight permitted in the cabin varies depending on the airline. For example, the Air France/KLM group accepts animals with a maximum weight of 4kg. Beyond the maximum weight permitted in the cabin, your pet must travel in the hold.

Will your pet be travelling in the hold?

The hold is a ventilated, pressurised and heated area. Your pet’s cage will be maintained in a way to ensure it remains stable. You will find several models of bags and cages suitable for transporting your pet at the   Safebag Services Centre in Terminal 2 (RDC – Gate A03).

Security control

Animals as well as their baskets, harnesses, leads, etc., will be checked in security machines with the passenger’s agreement.