COTE, Club Airport Premier’s press partner

For many years, COTE and Club Airport Premier have offered club members the chance to browse through magazine editions so as not to miss out on any Riviera news, as well as the chance to participate in exceptional evenings and discover unique places.


COTE A comprehensive and global offer

COTE La Revue d’Azur has become the partner magazine of major institutions and luxury shareholders of the Riviera. After having created COTE La Revue d’Azur in October 1987, 31 years ago, Éditions COTE developed new titles, thus reinforcing their leading position in the publication of Art & Lifestyle magazines.


COTE A major shareholder in top of the range events

Éditions COTE organise regular events in the French Riviera, particularly co-branding evenings, which connect various companies and their customers around a cocktail reception in exceptional settings.


COTE Controlled digital development

Established in 2016, Week-End by COTE is a weekly newsletter offering activities for each weekend in various different areas such as: culture, leisure, gastronomy, shopping and well-being. At the end of that year, new initiatives emerged on social networks: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.