Electric Charging terminals

Free self-service electric charging terminals now in Nice Airport’s car parks.

Looking for a practical and ecological way to have your electric vehicle recharged by the time that you return from your trip? Don’t look any further than our electric charging terminals installed in our car parks!

Nice Airport offers the latest charging technology for electric vehicles in our car parks. The charging terminals are easily accessible for passengers who want to recharge their electric vehicles easily during their trip. Supplied exclusively with 100% French renewable electricity since 2015, the airport has set up a host of solutions geared to reducing its environmental footprint.

Our charging terminals are located in different Nice Airport car parks, offering passengers complete flexibility to charge their electric vehicle.


  • 22 charging terminals in the adjoining P5 car park, including 2 in spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. The terminals are located on the bottom level of the car park in block A, closest to the lifts and access to Terminal 2.
  • 18 charging terminals in the nearby P6 car park, including 1 in spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility
  • 12 charging terminals in the G2 Premium car park, including 1 in spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility


  • 2 charging terminals in the G1 Premium car park

Directional signs enable you to locate the electric charging terminals, which are self-service and free as of today.

There are numerous advantages to our electric charging terminals. Firstly, they enable you to charge your electric vehicle in complete safety, which is essential for today’s passengers.

Moreover, using the airport’s electric charging terminals enables you to contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint while travelling.
Our electric charging terminals form an element of our commitment towards the quality of services for passengers visiting Nice Airport. This service also responds to the needs of passengers concerned about the environment and sustainable mobility.

To travel with peace of mind if you have an electric car, the airport’s car parks are perfectly equipped to correspond to your mobility during your next trip to Nice Airport.

We look forward to welcoming you and offering you the best travel experience possible.