North Africa

Flights from Nice to Algeria

between the Mediterranean and the Sahara

Fly from Nice to Algeria, to relax or hike

The short flight from Nice to Algeria isn’t tiring, but that’s no reason not to spend your first days relaxing at one of the many resorts on the Mediterranean coast. If you want to do some watersports while on holiday in Algeria, both the Emerald Coast (to the East of Algiers) and the Turquoise Coast (to the west of Algiers) are ideal. If you love hiking and trekking, head to the south of the country. The Hoggar and Tassili n’Ajjer regions are famous for their magnificent sunrises and sunsets, as well as rock art dating back to 6000 BC. From Tamanrasset to Assekrem, the scenery is awe-inspiring.

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Fly from Nice to Algeria to discover ancient cities

While you’re staying in Algeria, Algiers is a must-see for its buildings, such as the Notre Dame d’Afrique basilica, the Palais des Rais, the Bardo Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. Further west, Oran calls, with its pleasant lifestyle and walks along the seafront. Fort Santa Cruz is also worth a visit, to see the legacy of the Andalusian influence. Further east, Constantine, the “City of Bridges”, is one of the oldest fortified cities in the world. There are many other ancient sites in the north of Algeria, from Aurès to Annaba, and from Tipaza to Djémila. To discover these gems, book your flight from Nice to Algeria now!

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