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Situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, Estonia is a Baltic state that currently has a population of over 1.3 million. After becoming independent in 1991 and joining the European Union, Estonia is heading towards a bright future. Fly from Nice to Estonia and you can be sure this modern, friendly country will give you a warm welcome. With Scandinavian and Russian influences, today, Estonia has a remarkably rich architectural and cultural heritage.

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When they step off a Nice - Estonia flight, most visitors start their discovery by visiting Tallinn, its capital. This particularly well-preserved mediaeval city is not to be missed. However, the country has plenty more to offer! In fact, the southernmost of the Baltic states is full of little towns, each with their own distinctive identity and charm. Want to stay near the sea? Spend some time in Haapsalu and Pärnu, two very popular coastal resorts in western Estonia. Like a lively, party vibe? Head for Tartu, which attracts many students with its university founded in 1632!

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Estonia’s rich and varied charms also include an unspoiled natural environment. The country, which is 50% covered in forests, will charm nature lovers. With a flight from Nice to Estonia, you can look forward to walks in the countless national parks, and to seeing exceptional fauna and flora. For example, Matsalu National Park is an important site for migratory birds in Europe. The islands are another natural treasure for visitors to admire. Your flight from Nice to Estonia is just the start of a holiday full of discovery!

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