a rich and diverse country!

A holiday in Luxemboourg: Europe's Crossroads

Nestled between France, Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg has a population of around 524,853. By flying from Nice to Luxembourg, you can discover everything this little country has to offer.

Mostly known for its economic power, Luxembourg is also a fantastic tourist destination. Get away on a low-cost flight from Nice to Luxembourg, to admire the heritage and culture hidden within the Grand Duchy. There’s so much to discover. Sitting in the centre of Europe, Luxembourg is a cosmopolitan crossroads. The country consists of two distinct regions. In the north, you will find Oesling, characterised by the rough and rolling landscape of the Ardennes area. Further south is the region of Gutland, which includes the green plains of Luxembourg’s own Little Switzerland.

Fly from France to Luxembourg to discover its remarkable heritage!

Luxembourg City, the capital of the Grand Duchy, is not to be missed. Although the city is relatively small, it is packed with must-see historical monuments. After flying from Nice to Luxembourg, you can stroll around the streets of the upper city with their mediaeval features, then head down to the lower city, where you can discover the more typical side of Luxembourg. To see the buildings that house the European institutions, make a beeline for the quarter of Kirchberg. Several historical sites are also worth a detour. These include the Grand Ducal Palace, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Pulvermuhl viaduct and the Municipal Park. Flying low-cost from France to Luxembourg is a great way to discover this destination!

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