CLUB AIRPORT PREMIER - Sponsor your friends and family members and earn CAPS

Published on 17-01-24

NEW: earn even more CAPS!

You can now sponsor your friends and family members and invite them to join our loyalty programme.

As a sponsor, both you and the person you sponsor will earn 100 CAPS when the latter books their first ticket or makes their first purchase.

It’s simple: share your sponsor code from your online account and earn points every time someone new joins the club thanks to you.

The more people you sponsor, the more CAPS you earn!

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Travelling from Nice? Sign up to the club for free and join a community of seasoned travellers.

With the Club Airport Premier, enter a world of benefits, join the club of airport passengers.

Joining the Club Airport Premier is:

PRACTICAL: Be the first to receive information, access your membership card directly on your phone.

BENEFICIAL: A world of benefits awaits you: fast-track queue, discounts in stores, online services at reduced rates, parking spaces adjoining the terminals... and much more!

QUICK: it only takes 4 clicks to sign up, and get 100 free points!