Nice Côte d'Azur unveils a 2022-2023 Winter flight schedule with 22 new destinations

Published on 28-11-22

The recovery in air traffic continues unabated at Nice Côte d'Azur airport, which is offering a flight schedule of 67 destinations to 30 countries for the upcoming winter season - a similar situation to that of 2019, but expanded with 22 new destinations, 21 of which are international.

In line with the efforts of local tourism organisations to promote the Côte d'Azur as a year-round destination, particularly during the traditionally slower winter season, Nice Côte d'Azur airport has unveiled a dense flight schedule for the coming months. Above all, the airport is focusing on the international scene by connecting the region to 29 countries via 42 destinations in Europe and 9 internationally, in the aeronautical sense of the term. And France has not been overlooked, with a total of 16 destinations.

22 new destinations
9 by annualising lines that were previously only used during the summer season:

  • London Heathrow (Air France);
  • Stockholm Arlanda (Eurowings);
  • Chisinau (FlyOne);
  • Oslo (Flyr);
  • Eindhoven (Transavia);
  • Belgrade (Wizz Air);
  • Cluj (Wizz Air);
  • Tirana (Wizz Air);
  • Warsaw (Wizz Air).

10 through the return of routes operational in 2019:

  • Algiers (Air Algérie);
  • Constantine (Air Algérie);
  • London Gatwick (British Airways);
  • Manchester (easyJet);
  • Marrakech (easyJet);
  • Cologne/Bonn (Eurowings);
  • Hamburg (Eurowings);
  • Warsaw (LOT);
  • Casablanca (Royal Air Maroc);
  • Krakow (Wizz Air).

Finally, 3 new routes are being launched:

  • Tunis (Transavia France);
  • Bordeaux (Volotea);
  • Venice (Volotea).

This flight schedule reflects the vitality of a region that aims to capitalise on year-round tourism rather than that of just a few months, on quality tourism rather than mass tourism, while offering Côte d'Azur residents all the destinations they require for leisure, business or family trips,” explains Franck Goldnadel, Chairman of the Board of Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur.

A strong recovery compared to previous winter seasons

This winter flight schedule responds to a continued recovery in travel intentions, which, due to geopolitical conditions, is still slightly lower than in 2019, when the schedule covered 31 countries and 77 destinations.

Since 2019, we have seen growth in the number of annualised routes, which is a very strong indicator for the region. This means that routes established over the summer season are being extended throughout the year, and that the Côte d'Azur is succeeding in its goal of spreading the economic contribution of tourism across the entire year, particularly to medium-haul destinations with high-contributing travellers. This evolution clearly shows the vital role of the airport, through a network of quality destinations, in the continued development of the Côte d'Azur,” continues Franck Goldnadel.

See the full flight schedule on our website: