Club Airport Premier online meeting

Published on 23-06-21

As it is the case every year, Nice Airport wanted to offer its most loyal passengers (Gold and Platinum members of Club Airport Premier) an excellent opportunity. Relive the e-meeting by watching the replay. Nearly 1 hour of video and additional FAQs.

An event organised for Gold and Platinium Members

The event was a big success. Over 200 people joined us for a live and interactive show shot from behind the scenes and the esplanade of Terminal 2. It was a chance to share information on your airport’s news, the benefits reserved for you, and also a chance to gather feedback and answer all of your questions.

Even though we can't wait to be able to invite you to the special Club Airport Premier annual evening events again... we’re very pleased to have been able to share this virtual event with you.

Relive the e-meeting by watching the replay. Nearly 1 hour of video and additional FAQs (at the bottom of the page) to answer all of the questions asked in the chat.

Thank you for your participation.
The Club Airport Premier Team

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Frank Goldnadel, Chairman of the Board,

Filip Soete, Director of the Commercial Business Unit

Benoît Valla, Club Airport Premier Manager


Aymeric Staub, Press officer


Alban Guillien


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Questions / Answers to CAP members


How many Gold & Platinum members are there?

Hi Steeve,
Here is the distribution of our members as of 15 June 2021:
•    3180 Platinium
•    9848 Gold
•    13,919 Access


"Good evening, I would like to ask you a question about the car park for Club Airport Premier, do you intend to expand it? Or create an area for Gold and Platinium? Because there’s often a need for more spaces, or it's anarchy sometimes... Thank you

Hi Kev,
As traffic is not currently optimal, there is no high traffic in this area.
We could possibly consider work to expand if this area becomes overloaded once again.


"Members who prefer a plastic card should be able to have this option (free of charge)"

Hi Eric,
Holders of a plastic card will be able to continue to use it. It’s just that plastic cards will no longer be renewed.


"Fast track upon return… where is it?"

Hi Eric,
In Terminal 2, the terminal is located just before passport control when you return from a non-Schengen destination.


"Since we have our platinum card, why couldn’t we connect directly to the wifi in the airport, and do we have to enter our details every time? Even though there’s a special wifi network for us?"

Hi Ilias,
As announced, our mobile app will allow you to easily and automatically connect to our Wifi portal upon your return.


"Do you always get additional CAPS if you register more than 72 hours in advance via the app?"

Hi Jérôme,
Yes, absolutely! By registering your flight between 30 and 3 days before your departure in your online account. On the day of departure, scan your membership card before scanning your boarding pass on the self-service terminals to top up your points.

Paul Van Hessen 

"It would be good if you thoroughly cleaned all terminals and lounges. It’s a shame to see how dirty Nice airport is compared to other airports such as Zurich, Amsterdam, Munich, etc."

Hi Paul,
As announced by Mr Goldnadel, there are actually plans to increase the rotations of the cleaning teams.


"How come the trays aren’t systematically cleaned after each use at security screening like they are in other European airports?"

Hi Eric,
The trays are disinfected very regularly and water-alcohol gel dispensers are available for passengers entering and exiting the line. 


"Planes have been flying over the centre of Antibes quite often over the last few days. Shouldn’t you improve landing procedures to bypass the Cape of Antibes more often?"

During bad weather or when visibility is reduced, pilots must use a landing procedure that means flying over the Antibes city centre.
This year, 18% of landings were affected.
You can find all the information on our dedicated webpage: Landing procedure information


"We’ve started to see a few more aircraft again over the last few days :-) What is their passenger capacity rate?"

Hi Victor,

Since 1994, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport has been developing its landing procedures and has adopted numerous operating regulations to contain, control and reduce the impact of its aviation activities on the environment. The procedure allowing the flight to bypass the Cap d’Antibes is used the vast majority of the time. However, for safety reasons, this procedure can only be used when visibility is good. During bad weather or when visibility is reduced, pilots must use a landing procedure that means flying over the Antibes city centre. This year, 18% of landings were affected by this procedure.

You can find all our month by month traffic statistics on our webpage: 


"What would be the cost of doubling buses for “offshore” boarding? Distancing is required everywhere, but sometimes on buses, it’s worse than anywhere else, especially without air circulation."

Bonjour Steeve,
The health rules imposed by the Regional Health Agency regarding the maximum number of people in the shuttles are respected and masks are mandatory l'ACI health accreditation pour sa politique sanitaire anti-covid-19.  


"Hi again, I’ve registered my 2 Pfizer doses on “TousAntiCovid”. What’s happening with the European and Intercontinental Health Pass? When and how do I do it?"

Hi Eric,
You will find all the rules that apply to French borders as of Wednesday 9 June on our dedicated “Your trips from Nice” webpage:   

Kevin Hin 

"Why is there such a difference in rates between car parks T1 and T2? For example, P6 is significantly cheaper than P4 - this puts Star Alliance passengers at a disadvantage compared to those of Skyteam/easyJet."

Hi Kévin,
Parking capacity at Terminal 1 is lower than Terminal 2. Online rates vary according to demand and capacity, and it is true that prices are more competitive at Terminal 2. 
As Terminal 1 is currently closed, Club members benefit from the attractive price of the Terminal 2 parking facilities.


"Have border control lines been reopened for Platinum members (also for health pass or certificate checks)?."

Hi Steeve,
Absolutely. Passport control fast-track queues are open when there is a high influx of passengers. The decision to open/close this queue falls within the remit of the Border Police.

Olivier P 

"It would be good to allow travelling companions (children or spouse) to benefit from the fast-track queue when travelling with a Gold or Platinum member."

Hi Olivier,
We’re currently thinking about providing you with new benefits and this is one of them! We will keep you informed. Keep an eye on your inbox.


"Can parking subscriptions for Platinum passengers be considered? Or a few days free per year, for example."

Hi Steeve,
Our Park & Fly offer allows you, depending on your use of the car parks, to receive a 5-15% discount.  We’re also considering new benefits, which allow passengers, depending on their status, to benefit from preferential rates on our car parks.