Fly from Nice to Beijing

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Head for Beijing, in the footsteps of Marco Polo

The direct flight from Nice to Beijing, at 8,300 km, is the longest non-stop flight you can take out of Nice. And the most beautiful, hands down! Because it allows you to discover a 3000 year old city with a rich history, the capital of one of the most fascinating countries on the planet. Two legendary sites await you when your Nice-Beijing flight lands: The Great Wall and The Forbidden City. That alone is worth the trip!

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La Grande Muraille de Chine
La Cité Interdite

  • Useful information for your trip to Beijing

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    If the famous Venetian merchant - the first westerner to visit China - had known about MisterFly, there’s no doubt his Asian adventure would have been more comfortable! As a specialist in online flight booking, our partner makes travelling easy. They’ll give you all the information you need plus dates, times, and of course, the best price for your ticket from Nice to Beijing. You can book your non-stop Nice-Beijing return flight in just a few clicks, at the best price, without additional fees, and if necessary, pay for it in several instalments.

    The formalities for travelling to Beijing

    Entry requirements: to enter Beijing, you need several documents: a valid passport with at least two consecutive blank pages, copies of your hotel reservation and your return plane tickets, and a tourist visa (valid for 30 days). To get one, begin the process If you live in the French Riviera and neighbouring regions, you can complete your application at the Centre de Demande des Visas in Marseille.
    Currency: officially, the currency of China is called the renminbi (the Money of the People). But more frequently you’ll hear yuan. Around 7 are equal to 1 Euro. Need some cash for your first purchases in Beijing? Head to the InterChange counter in Terminal 1.

    Your Nice-Beijing direct flight

    Don’t go to the wrong place! The China Airlines flight from Nice to Beijing leaves from Terminal 1 of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. And don’t be late. Both security and customs checks take time, especially when hundreds of travellers arrive at the same time. So give yourself time! Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. And should you need to go to your airline's counter to check a bag, add an additional 30 minutes.

    Departure airportNice Côte d’Azur Airport
    Departure terminal Terminal 1
    Arrival airportBeijing Capital International Airport
    Arrival terminal Terminal 3

    Arriving in Beijing

    Located around 20 km from Beijing, the Beijing Capital Airport offers excellent transfer options between the airport and the city centre. Remember that China only recognises licenses delivered within the country. You cannot hire a car with an international driving permit. That said, you can:

    • Train: from 6:21 am to 10:51 pm there's an express train from the underground station in Terminal 3 every 15 minutes, which will take you to the city centre in 20 minutes maximum.
    • Bus: 9 different lines connect Beijing to its airport. Lines 3, 4, and 5 run more often than the others, with a bus every 15 minutes.
    • Taxi: don't get scammed! Get in the line for an official taxi, just in front of the terminal, and wait for an official taxi. Never buy a pre-paid ticket, as they have no value. You pay the driver directly. Depending on the number of bags you’re travelling with, the day, and the time, this will cost around €15 to €20.

What to do in
Beijing ?

Beijing is anything but boring! The ancient imperial city, capital of the People’s Republic of China, is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. Because it's the door to one of mankind’s most monumental achievements. Because it’s the portal through which you’ll discover Chinese civilisation, though a day in its many museums, an afternoon wandering between ancient streets and skyscrapers, or an evening of indulgence in the exotic and delicious cuisine.

La Grande Muraille de Chine

  • Beijing, a city of worship

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    Within its walls, Beijing holds the memory of a boundless and sophisticated empire that gave us silk, powder, paper, even the compass. This is what attracts so many visitors from the world over. They all come, as a couple or with the whole family, to experience for themselves this incredible history through palaces, temples, and museums of this 300 year old city. A history full of dragons, Buddhas, hostile warriors and legendary dynasties so sophisticated that porcelain bears their names.
    But while it cherishes its past, Beijing is racing towards the future, following in the path laid down half a century ago by Mao and his followers. The result is a city and culture that bring together innovation, tradition, and revolution, which you can see in old bicycles ridden next to huge Western SUVs, or skyscrapers juxtaposed with Siheyuan, traditional houses found in the older areas of Beijing, and the esteemed sets of the Chinese opera with the eccentric style of the fashionistas on Wangfujing Street. A blending of styles that make Beijing magical, even for those who live there.

  • The top 10 things to do in Beijing

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    • Go and take in The Great Wall of China, the largest structure ever produced by humans, at 6,200 kilometres long. Many of the best-preserved sections, such as Badaling and Mutianyu, are near Beijing.
    • Venture into the Forbidden City, the residence of the Emperor of China and the largest palace in the world. Built six centuries ago by the Ming Dynasty, it holds nearly a thousand buildings behind its ramparts, evidence of the exceptional skill of Chinese craftsmen and artists.
    • Take on the most charming of labyrinths, the one made up of hutongs, ancient streets lined with hundreds of traditional homes. The most beautiful of these mazes can be found in the Bell and Drum Towers district and in Sichahai.
    • Discover the Temple of Heaven, hands down one of the most magnificent temples in China. This was a place of sacrifice in the time of the emperors, lauding the union of Heaven and Earth. It's spread out across 300 hectares of sublime gardens and gorgeous buildings.
    • Meditate (or levitate!) among the monks in the Hall of Harmony of the Lama Temple. This ancient imperial abode is one of the best-preserved Tibetan Buddhist temples in the country.
    • Visit the National Museum of China, the largest in the world, and one of the 3 most visited. It brings together millions of artefacts that tell the story of the country, from prehistoric times to the Empire to the Revolution.
    • If the sky is blue, climb to the top of Jingshan hill in the centre of Jingshan Park to see the wonderful pavilions, the talents of calligraphers, dancers, and singers, as well as the most breathtaking view over Beijing.
    • Get some fresh air in the lavish gardens of the Summer Palace, a grandiose residence that reflects the extravagance of the emperors of China. A true masterpiece.
    • Meet a few of China’s thousands of contemporary artists by visiting the 798 Art District, a former military factory-turned-village for artists.
    • Get up with the sun to take in the raising of the red flag over Tian’anmen, the largest city square in the world. Explore it further at the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and the Monument to the People's Heroes.

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