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Flying from Nice to Belgrade still has that little sense of adventure. The Serbian capital is largely ignored by tourists these days. But that’s not likely to last long! Because places as charming as this don’t remain undiscovered. And because it’s already conquered those Europeans who come looking to experience some unbeatable night life. So if you’ve got a pioneering spirit and a party streak in you, treat yourself to a non-stop flight from Nice to Belgrade, before the tourists find out!

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    The formalities for travelling to Belgrade

    • Entry requirements: no need for a visa when travelling to Serbia, unless you intend to stay for more than 90 days. However, you will need a valid passport. Your national ID card can also be used. But remember: Serbian authorities have put certain restrictions in place, so be sure to “know before you go” or you may not be let in!
    • Currency: in Belgrade, you’ll be using Serbian dinars. Around 110 are equal to 1 Euro.

    Your Nice-Belgrade direct flight

    Currently, Air Serbia is the only airline that offers non-stop flights between Nice and Serbia. The Air Serbia flight from Nice to Belgrade flies out of Terminal 1.

    As Serbia is not part of the Schengen Territories, you’ll need to go through customs before heading to your gate. This is in addition to normal security checks. So while we've done everything we can to make getting to your gate easy, don’t risk missing your flight by arriving last minute. Arrive at the airport at least one and a half hours before your flight, and add an additional 15 minutes should you need to go to your airline's counter to collect your ticket or check bags.

    Departure airportNice Côte d’Azur Airport
    Departure terminalTerminal 1
    Arrival airportBelgrade-Nikola Tesla Airport
    Arrival terminal Terminal 2

    Arriving in Belgrade

    The Belgrade-Nikola Tesla Airport is located around 20 km from the city centre. To get there, you have several options:

    • Take the bus: Line 72 will take you to Zeleni Venac in the city centre in 40 minutes. There’s a bus every half hour. The A1 minibus will also take you to city centre (Slavija square) via Fontana (Novi Beograd) and the main station. It’s more expensive but also faster (30 minutes) than the bus.
    • Take a taxi: there are 6 flat-rate zones. For city centre (Zone 2), it will cost around €15 for a taxi during the day.
    • Hire a car: you’re spoilt for choice with around 20 different agencies on site. Their counters can be found in Terminal 2 as well as on the ground floor of Terminal 1.

What to do in
Belgrade ?

For years Belgrade has had a nickname that says a lot about it: It’s called the “Barcelona of the Balkans”. Others call it “The New Berlin”. Either way! Everyone agrees that with its pubs, bars, clubs, and barges drenched in great music, the city is one of the most festive destinations in Europe. But with all that you can still take time to discover the other side of Novak Djokovic's hometown: its architecture, its cuisine, and its bohemian feel - Belgrade by day is just as rich as Belgrade by night!

Plages Belgrade
  • A city that never sleeps

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    What time do you go to bed? With the hens, or not till the rooster crows? We only ask so that we can prepare an itinerary for your Belgrade trip that will make it unforgettable.
    Imagine, for example, that you’re someone who enjoys sun and strolls with your better half... In that case, fill your trip with culture. You’ll be taken on a journey through a tumultuous history, places of worship that show the fervour of Orthodox Serbs, architecture that spans centuries, from the Middle Ages to Art Nouveau, or else mix art and art de vivre at the always excellent Polet, where you’ll find art, performances, and artisanal beer!
    Now let’s imagine you're heading over with friends for a weekend of partying. You only plan on seeing the sun at either dusk or dawn. In between, you intend to make the most of every hour of the night, getting in as much as you can and meeting people in the bars and clubs around the city. Start your night out on the panoramic terrace of Mama Shelter and finish it on the bridge of a barge anchored on the Danube watching the first rays of the sun peek out, heart still beating electro.

  • The top 10 things to do in Belgrade

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    • Lay siege to Belgrade Fortress. It’s in the heart of Stari Grad, the old town, and looks out over a large part of the city and the Danube and its tributary the Sava. Its oldest walls date back to the 1st century AD and were built by the Romans. An incredible story!
    • After the ramparts, check out the green pathways of the park around them: Kalemegdan. It’s the largest park in a city that prioritises nature. A favourite walking place for locals, it’s home to a zoo, a planetarium, a bandstand, and vendors.
    • Live the Belgradian good life by wandering the cobblestones of Skadarlija, domain of local artists for more than a century. With its antique dealers, art galleries, and lively café terraces, it’s the place to be.
    • Leave from Republic Square, the epicentre of local life, and go shopping in Knez Mihailova, the pedestrian-only shopping area in the city. And don’t just look in the windows - the buildings around them are worth a look too!
    • Visit one of the city's many museums. Canons, tanks, and missiles await at the Military Museum. Serbian culture is on display at the National Museum. And at the Automobile Museum you’ll find fifty different models, including the 1957 Cadillac owned by Marshal Tito.
    • Head for the beach! Ada Ciganlija Island and its artificial lake bring tens of thousands of visitors every weekend. They come to cycle, jog, kayak, or simply swim in the Sava River or have a drink in a trendy bar.
    • Climb to the top of Vračar hill to take in the most beautiful and largest of Orthodox churches in Belgrade: The Church of Saint Sava. Don’t miss the crypt and its incredible gildings.
    • Move from the communist architecture of Novi Grad, the new city, to the eternal charms of Zemum, its neighbour. The former port city is today one of the most picturesque areas of Belgrade. An endlessly charming journey through time.
    • Get a taste of Serbian cuisine, a gastronomic delight with influences from the Mediterranean to the Orient (the city having been under Ottoman rule for years). A few specialities: gibanica, a pastry made with cream or cottage cheese, kachamak, a cornmeal dish, or ćevapčići, a divine skinless meat sausage.
    • Party your own way: in splavovi, the floating bars on the Danube or Sava, in the bar-apartments of Dorcol, the place to be for night owls, or the posh pubs of Strahinića Bana, a street nicknamed Silicon Valley because of the plunging necklines of the women who hang out there.

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